What Contrast Is!

Contrast is the effect of interference patterns of light.

A resistance to the flow of pure Light causes a range of contrast from light to dark.

Contrast is the amount of light, relative to the amount of dark, that is being personally experienced.

Relative dual reality allows the experience of a contrast between light & darkness.

The contrast between light & dark is its shade.

Shade is a range of contrast between light & dark.

A range of contrasting experiences is the effect of a range of contrasting perspectives.

A contrasting perspective is caused by a difference of opinion.

A difference of opinion is caused by contrasting beliefs.

Thought is a flow of Light Energy that is being filtered through a personal belief system.

It is the interference of a particular belief that causes a contrast in personal perspective.

Thinking dark thoughts is the thinking of a shady person.

Fears & limiting beliefs cause a shadow over our personal perspective of life.

Contrast is a perspective of polarity.

The polarity of my thinking causes a contrast in my perspective.

The extremes of contrast cause an opposing perspective.

The more that I disagree with another’s belief, the more contrast there is in our differing opinions and the greater the opposition of our conviction.

A fear is an extremely limiting belief that is in contrast to the Light of a Pure Mind.

What Providence Is!

Providence is the Universal Provider of Provisions.

What is universally provided is the opportunity for spiritual growth.

Opportunities for spiritual growth are the choice of the Individual Soul Entity.

The entity of my Soul provides opportunities for my Self to experience expansive growth.

Expansive growth is experiential.

The Soul provides the opportunities & the Self provides the experience.

Providence is the experience of the Self on the Path of the Soul.

On the Path of my Soul, everything is provided providentially.

The Soul is ever present, all knowing & all powerful.

It always has the power, insight & presence to provide everything for its Self on its journey of expansive growth.

Providence is delivered in alignment with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction draws like energy unto itself.

For the Self to receive its Soul Provision, it is required to be in vibrational alignment.

Vibrational alignment means choosing the authorised choices of the Soul.

Choosing with the Soul’s authority is always an empowered choice.

The ability to align with Providence is an ability that requires both the power & the authority of the Provider.

By itself, the ego cannot connect to its provision.

It is the Soul’s alignment with its Self that provides the provision.

Providence is provisional on the Self being in alignment with the Soul.

When Will Power Is A Weakness!

Will Power is both a strength & a weakness.

The power of the will has the authority of choice.

Unfortunately, when I need will power, it has the choice of my unauthorised emotional power.

I need will power when my path appears to be blocked.

My path is only ever blocked by my own perspective of life.

When my perspective is not authorised, my path is not straight & true.

When the perspective of my ego Self is aligned with my Soul’s authority, my path is empowered and will power is not necessary.

When my path is authorised, it is empowered and I am inspired to follow it.

When my path is not authorised, I am disempowered & uninspired; and I will need will power to continue.

Will power is the strength that I need to overcome victimhood.

When life happens to me, I am a victim of life and I will need to use my will power to solve my problems & meet my challenges.

When life happens by me, will power is a strength when I succeed; but a weakness when I fail the challenge.

When life happens through me, my inner strength flows through me and will power is unnecessary.

When life flows through me, opportunities flow through me and my pure emotional power flows through me.

Will power is a weakness when it blocks my inner flow of emotional power.

Will power never flows, it has to be forced.

Forcing my will is never a strength.

Why Adjectives Are Important!

Adjectives are important because they are describing words.

Words that describe my emotional state of being are important because they allow me to access my power of personal attraction.

When I can describe a definite state of being, I can choose it & be empowered by it.

When I can choose my emotional state of being adjectively, I can attribute it to my Self.

When I can adjectively attribute a state of being to my Self, I attain its emotional power.

Adjectives are important because they are the key to attaining personal emotional power.

With enough emotional power, I am being inspired to do what I love to do and I have what is most beneficial for me.

Adjectives are important because they define my state of Being.

Verbs define my actions of Doing & nouns define what I Have.

It is important to put adjectives before verbs & nouns.

Being-Doing-Having is the Spiritual Way that allows life to attractively flow.

When I follow a strategy of have-do-be, I get lost in physical reality.

Only when I have enough money, can I do what I want to do and be happy.

In spiritual reality, my state of Being is empowered when I am Doing what I truly love to do & I am Having an ideal experience of my ideal life.

Who Being Familiar Is!

Being Familiar is who I am being when I am relating to my family.

My family are the people who are familiar to me.

They are my relations, who relate to me in a familiar way.

My relations relate to each other relative to the traditions of the family.

Traditions are familiar ways that families relate to each other.

Traditional ways are familiar to all families.

Being familiar is an attribute that I attain.

My family teach me the familiarity of not being unfamiliar with being too familiar with strangers.

Strangers may have unfamiliar ways that are not traditional with the family.

Treating non-family members as familiar can be seen by the family as being too familiar.

I regard my children & grandchildren as my family.

Being familiar is who I am being when I stop being a parent to them.

Parent & grandparent are roles that I play as the family’s dependent provider & protector.

Being familiar with the role of protector & provider is the role of a parent & grandparent.

Being a grandad, I am no longer being familiar with the role of protector & provider.

The role of Family Elder allows me to be familiar, in relationship to my family, in an inter-dependent way.

The role of Family Coach allows me to be familiar in an inter-developmental way.

My choice is to be neither dependent nor independent in relationship to the members of my family, with who I am being familiar.

What The Four States Of Matter Are!

The Four States of Physical Matter are: Solid, Liquid, Gas & Plasma.

The Ancient Greeks referred to them as Earth, Water, Wind & Fire.

These are not the elements that are the basic building blocks of physicality, but the elementary states of those elements of physical matter.

The physical state of matter is relative to the amount of potential energy it holds.

Potential energy is the energy available to be given off as latent heat.

The amount of latent heat that an element holds is inversely proportional to the amount of heat energy that it gives off.

The paradox of the energy of latent heat is that the more an element has available, the less it gives off & the less it has available, the more it gives off.

Matter gives off heat as radiation, conduction or convection.

The more energy of heat that an element gives off, the hotter it appears; irrespective of how much latent heat it holds.

The colder an element appears, the greater the potential of the latent heat within its torus and the denser the structure of its physicality.

The larger the magnitude of the energy torus, the greater the space it encompasses, the colder it feels, the denser it is & the more potential energy of latent heat it holds.

As an element cools, its torus expands and as the torus contracts, the element heats up.

In physicality this is apparent when plasma becomes gaseous, when gas becomes liquified and when liquid freezes & becomes solid.

This is the physical process of material solidification, when the pure energetic flow of the aether becomes manifest as physical reality.

Energy is never destroyed, its torus just changes form relative to the frequency & wavelength of its electro-magnetic vibration within the vortex of the etheric flow.

What Fire Is!

Fire is the effect of matter no longer being able to hold its heat.

Matter releases its heat when it is no longer able to resist energetic flow.

This point of least resistance is called the flash point of matter.

The flash point determines the release of a matter’s resistance to flow.

Fire is the specific heat of matter being released.

When the specific heat of matter is released, matter loses its stability.

Stability is the ability of matter to be still & silent.

Matter is still & silent when its energy torus is effortlessly flowing.

As matter holds more heat, the energetic flow through its torus dilutes.

At the flash point, the energy torus can no longer hold its form & can no longer function.

Fire is the destruction of the energy torus that defines matter.

Matter remains stable & inert as long as its energy flows freely.

The greater the restriction to energetic flow, the more unstable matter becomes.

Matter is the ability of energy to maintain a toroidal structure, within the aether of energetic flow.

When matter is forced to release its stable toroidal structure, it causes the eventuality of fire.

Fire is toroidal dark matter returning to the flow of light energy called the aether.

The intensity of the transformation can be discerned by the colour frequency of the flame.

The intensity of fire glows as heat, in every colour of the rainbow.