What It Means To Like My Self!

To like my Self, I am required to know my Self!

To know my Self is why I am here.

I like my Self when it feels good.

It feels good when I am being like my True Self.

My true Self is a choice of quality attributes that I attain.

Who I am & why I am here are two fundamental questions, whose answers give me the means to like my Self.

I dislike not knowing who I am & why I am here.

When I see only the relative duality of physical life, there are many things that I like and as many things that I dislike in my Self.

I like my Self when I am true to my Self.

I like my true Self, but I dislike my false ego sense of Self.

The purpose of this dual reality existence is to offer the experience of a choice of perspective.

It is my choice of perspective that enables me to like or dislike my Self.

Duality allows a Self that I like and a Self that I dislike.

It allows a Divine Self that is my Soul Entity & an egotistical Self that is my Id.

When my id is separate from my entity, I lose my true identity.

In absolute reality, I am like my Soul Id-Entity.

In relative duality, my id often defaults my ego to an experience of life that is less ideal & divine.

I like that which I am like & I dislike that which I am unlike.

To like my Self means that I am required to challenge & change the personal attributes & attainments that are unlike the qualities of my Soul.

In doing so, I explore, discover & experience the true nature of who I really am.

The means to like my Self become evident when I learn the true nature of my purpose, my reason for being here, by defining who I am with true meaning.

Who A Guru Is!

A Guru is a Human Being of Light or a Human, being Light.

Being Light has no darkness & no heaviness.

A Guru has overcome the density of their shadow self, to emanate the light of their wisdom.

A Guru is a wise Spiritual Master.

A Spiritual Master is one who has mastered their own spiritual energy.

A Guru is one who remembers who they absolutely are.

Guru translates as dispeller of darkness or ignorance.

When I dispel the darkness of my own ignorance, I uncover my own personal truth.

To those who need to learn, a Guru is a Teacher.

To those who need guidance, a Guru is a Coach or Mentor.

To those who need support, a Guru is a Counsellor or Adviser.

To those who need someone to follow, a Guru is a Religious Leader.

A Guru is one who knows their own divine path in life.

They know they have a vision & a purpose for their life.

A Guru is one that knows the absolute truth of who they are.

In overcoming their darkness, there is no duality to their Light.

A Guru is one who has the gravitas of wisdom, without the burden of common knowledge.

A Guru is one who brings clarity & direction to life and by doing so, allows others to see their own chaos & confusion.

A Guru is one who dispels the darkness in others, just by being the Essence of their Light.

A Guru is an Old Soul who remembers their mission in Life.

What A Concept Is!

A Concept is an idea that is conceived.

That which is conceived is given birth to.

That which is given birth to, is given life.

When I conceive a concept, I bring it to life.

When I bring a concept to life, it becomes real.

Reality is a concept that allows the continuous experience of multiple concepts.

New concepts are conceived in life’s continuously expansive reality.

It is the ability to conceive new concepts that allows reality to continuously expand.

My Soul conceived the concept of a Self.

The idea of a Self separate from the Soul, is conceived by the Soul to be experienced by the Self.

The Soul first conceived the Self as an idea, a thought & a concept.

The concept of a physical life, with a separate Self, allows the experience of relative dual reality.

The Soul expands relative to the experience of the Self.

Relative dual reality allows the experience of contrast & choice.

A range of contrast & choice puts colour, sound, taste, smell & touch into the realm of physical existence.

This allows the Soul to experience life through the physical senses of its Self.

Life is a concept of the Soul that is experienced by the Self.

Through the physical senses of the Self, the Soul intuitively senses the experience of life.

By giving life to its Self, the Soul conceived a way, and an infinite possibility of ways, to see, feel & know its Self.

To a separated Self, the Soul is just a concept.

To a connected Soul, the concept of life is absolutely enlightening.

Who The Questioner Is!

I am the one who asks the questions.

I am the questioner, my Self.

The question is: Which Self is the Questioner?

My conscious Self hears a question in my mind.

When my conscious mind hears a question, who is asking the question?

My conscious sense of Self, my ego, is on a quest to find the answers through life; but who is asking the questions?

I am not conscious of where the questions come from, they just appear in my conscious mind.

My questions come from an unconscious source.

They originate in my sub-conscious mind.

The Questioner is my sub-conscious id.

At birth, my sub-conscious mind is born, with no answers and lots of questions.

As my sub-conscious mind is responsible for managing my physical body & my emotional needs, it needs lots of answers, so it has many questions to ask.

My programmed memory of stored beliefs holds the answers to the questions that have already been answered.

My sub-conscious mind needs daily answers to enable my choices to motivate or empower my authority.

The quality of my answers is determined by whether they are empowered or whether I need motivation.

Other people’s answers may motivate me but they are not always wise & empowered.

The best answers come from my super-conscious source of empowered authority that is my omniscient & wise Self, my Soul.

My Soul always answers my questions, even before I ask.

The question is: To whom am I listening!

What Language Is!

Language is how the Soul communicates with its Self.

My Soul communicates with my Self through the medium of intuitive thought.

Intuitive thought is received in the chosen language of the Self.

The Self chooses to think in the language that is native to the culture or race into which it is born.

The ability to think is innate.

The ability to read & write has to be either learned or remembered.

When I have lived multiple lives in the same culture, I remember the language and I quickly learn to talk, and read & write without difficulty.

When I am born into a new culture, for the first time, it takes much longer to learn to talk and even longer to read & write in that language.

Similarly, Old Souls that have lived lives in many different cultures have mastered many different languages, with accomplished linguistic skills.

Language is an original creation of the Soul that has been evolved by many Selfs.

Thought is a collection of energy vibrations that we identify as words that are put into phrases & sentences.

The syntax of a language, the dialect of the speech & the semantics of the words are unique to the interpretation of each individual Self, relative to their life experience.

In the same way that a computer is programmed in the language of its operating system, so is the sub-conscious mind of my Self.

The operating system that is my Soul, chooses my language of choice when it chooses my parents or guardians.

What Pain Is!

Pain is the emotional effect of a mental cause.

Mental beliefs are the negative cause of emotional pain in physicality.

All physical reality is an emotional experience of a mental focus.

My mental focus projects my mental beliefs into physical reality.

Physical experience is an energy vibration with a mental frequency & an emotional wavelength.

My mental frequency of thinking is divided by the polarity of my choice of perspective.

Choice allows a polarity of mental thinking that is either positive or negative.

Negative polarities of mental thinking are transmitted on a negative wavelength of emotional feeling, because they are blocking or restricting pure emotional flow.

Emotional feeling is always perceived relative to a mental perspective of choice.

Pain is the negative emotional feeling of negative mental thinking.

In this way, pain is the Soul’s indirect way of telling its Self that it is going in the opposite direction to flow.

The Soul’s direction is for life to flow as a pure mental thought transmitted on a pure wavelength of emotion.

A pure wavelength of emotion is pain free.

As I purify my beliefs, I purify my thinking and my life becomes pain less.

Less emotional pain is the direct effect of relatively less mental dread, fear, anxiety & concern.

Overcoming personal fears is the pathway to a pain free life.

What The X Factor Is!

The X Factor is the Essence of the Soul.

Essence is a factor of the Soul.

X denotes an unknown factor.

In the modern western world, the Soul is an unknown factor.

My Soul is my Spiritual Entity.

When defining my Spiritual Entity; power, authority & ability are all a factor.

Body, Mind & Emotion are also a factor.

The X factor is the experience of feeling emotional power.

The Y factor is the recognition of knowing rational, mental authority.

The Z factor is the achievement of seeing conscious, physical ability.

Who I am Being determines the quality of my emotional power & the quantity of my X Factor.

Divine states of being emanate a powerful aura.

The X Factor is an expression of the divinity or purity of the energy vibration of my Aura.

The ability to conduct or channel the authorised power of my Soul, is my X Factor.

The X Factor is not my physical presence but my energetic presence when I am physically present.

My X Factor is present when I represent the presence of my Soul in each present moment.

Musicians & Singers who express their Soul Connection have the X Factor, which is their powerful spiritual presence through their emotional expression, rather than the quality of their music.

The X Factor is relative to the emotional wavelengths of energy on which the frequency of words & thoughts are transmitted.

Thoughts & words have a Y Factor, it is the emotional power that conveys the X Factor.

When the X, Y & Z factors are in harmony, we experience the WOW Factor!